Hi team,

Please pray for us in this most difficult time of our marriage.

We have a Christian marriage and my wife abruptly left the family home 2 months ago. She took everything and she put a violence order against me without basis. She said she just didn't feel safe. Nevertheless, she has abandoned me and refused to reconcile based on the suggestion of church leadership (senior pastor), who happens to be our mediator. Through the mediator, she said "maybe" we can reconcile in 6 months. But the day after she said that she sent me a property settlement document to sign from her lawyer, which I refused to sign. The senior pastor, having heard both sides, determined that there is no grounds for divorce from her end. I'm obviously not innocent either but I only discover now that she suffers from complex trauma that makes our relationship really difficult.

Please pray for the Lord's will to take place as the Lord seems to be silent whether I've been released from this marriage or should I continue to shadow box and fight for nothing. My heart is to honor Him and keep the covenant that I've seriously made on the wedding day, but if she doesn't honor it, what can I do? It has been the most painful time of my life and I'm continually suffering from the trauma bonding as it's an abusive relationship.

Thank you kindly and the Lord bless you for your wonderful work in His Kingdom.

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  • Andrew, thank you for sharing. And I hear your deep distress. Jesus does too.
    I pray even now that Jesus minister His healing presence deeply to your soul. May He be the balm to your wounded heart, and even through this painful season may He do the work of transformation in your heart that He knows you most need. May He guide you and show you clearly each next step to take.
    And I also pray that the Holy Spirit minister to your wife’s heart. May He bring healing to her where she needs it most, and guide her in knowing what steps to take for what He has planned for her.
    And may God’s purposes for both of you be fulfilled.
    You will continue to be in my prayers.


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