I recently discovered my husband is having an emotional affair with someone at work. When I confronted him, he denied it. He said I am accusing him of things he is not doing. However, I have proofs. I just do not how bring the proofs in front of him and confront him without starting a fight. I feel powerless at this point. I do not know what's the best way to handle this situation, so I am giving it to God.

I need prayer as I am extremely disappointed of my husband. My heart is broken and the idea of him getting emotionally connected with another woman really changed something inside of me. I finally understood why he does not want to connect emotionally and physically with me. I feel betrayed and worthless as a woman. I do not trust him anymore, and I do not know if I even want to work in our marriage anymore.

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  • I pray that Jesus minister to your heart deeply. He understands your hurt, and I pray He nourish you with His peace and healing grace.
    And I pray He show you just what step to take. Jesus knows the full truth, and He also knows what the healthiest step for you to take is.
    You will continue to be in my prayers.

  • You will be in prayer.
    My thoughts are: I would say that you can ask your pastor to be there when you show your husband that proof, this might help to smooth the discussion. Keeping the proof in, is going to make you more bitter towards your husband.


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