This no–holds–barred e-course addresses it all: sexual addiction, sexual abuse, hating sex, pornography, multiple sexual partners, same-sex attraction, demonic sexual activity, and more.

This course includes:

• Seven course modules
• Stories from men and women who experienced sexual brokenness and found restoration
• Downloadable worksheets to help you gain further insights and identify the action steps to take to move forward
• Access to an exclusive 40-day Prayer Challenge
• Recorded group mentoring/coaching calls with Dr Carol

The Sexpectations course will help you experience freedom from wounds and mistakes of the past, healing in the present, and grace and empowerment to write a new chapter for your future. 

In this course you will: 

  • Understand the glorious experience God originally designed sex to be 
  • Look at your sexual story with both honesty and compassion
  • Discover the “why” behind God’s creation of you as a sexual being
  • Learn what healthy intimacy is and how to pursue it
  • Establish a new lifestyle that makes sexual integrity possible
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What Others are Saying
I now see that my sexual rebellion is me looking for approval and acceptance that I didn’t get from my dad. I wanted women to fill the void. It’s time for healing, and I’m getting free.  (PG)
I’m excited I joined. My sister has also joined. I also told my husband about it. We’re doing this together. There is so much sexual brokenness with both of us. (RS)
I so appreciate your sensitivity to everyone who is broken sexually. Your kind, gentle nature safely opens doors for those who are just beginning to share their trauma. (AB)
I am learning to recognize why I may have done the things that I did in the past, not with excuse, but with understanding.  (KM)