An online course providing an honest look at Menopause, Aging, and how to live Fully Alive.

This course includes:

  • Seven video modules
  • Perspective from other women who are experiencing all phases of the midlife journey
  • Downloadable worksheets to help you gain further insights and take positive action steps in moving forward
  • Access to an exclusive 40-day Prayer Challenge
  • Spiritual mentoring/coaching with Dr Carol

In the Navigating Midlife course you will no longer be the passenger letting midlife drive you crazy. You’ll learn how to take the wheel and become the navigator of your life. Navigating Midlife draws from contemporary medical research and from scripture – not random Google searches. Along with this trusted guide you’ll also discover a group of sisters who will validate what you’re experiencing, and who you can laugh and perhaps cry with as you take proactive steps in all areas of your life.

In this course you will: 

  • Understand what menopause is and how it affects every part of your body
  • Dispel the myth that your mind and emotions are at the mercy of your hormones
  • Change your view of aging and take action to live younger longer both physically and mentally
  • Learn how to address the changes in your sex life in a healthy way
  • Take positive action steps in navigating this season so you can truly live Fully Alive
  • Embrace your next season of life with anticipation, courage, and joy
  • Experience vibrancy in your relationship with God in new and unique ways
  • Discover meaning and inspiration in understanding your life purpose for the coming years
Navigating Midlife
An online course providing an honest look at Menopause, Aging, and how to live Fully Alive.
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